Global Match Test

Global Match Test analysis identifies where your geographical genetic ancestry is most strongly represented. It is the only personal genetic analysis that compares your genetic profile to a huge population database. Find out more…

Ancestry GPS

Geographic Population Structure (GPS) is a biogeographic tool that analyses your autosomal DNA data and predicts your most recent geographical origin with a resolution of up to 1,000 years. Find out more…

DNA Tests

We offer various DNA tests to suit all needs, from maternity and paternity tests to lineage testing and immigration DNA tests. Each test is unique and targeted at the specific information you want to discover. Find out more…

Osarge DNA Tests

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Why take a DNA test?

There are many reasons for taking DNA tests and your reasons will determine which tests you take.

You may want specific information on your biological relationships, to establish parentage or maybe to support an immigration application. It may be that you are simply interested to know more about your heritage and want to understand better your genetic make-up and the origin of your forefathers. Perhaps you have got as far you can go with your family tree or haven’t been able to access any family records as is the case with the majority of the African Diaspora.
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Popular Products

  • dnagps

    Ancestry by DNA

    The Ancestry by DNA test determines your bio-geographic origins, giving you your ancestral estimates of the four main population groups: Sub-Saharan African, European, Native American and East Asian.

  • maternal_lineage

    DNA Maternal Lineage Test

    This test uses mitochondrial DNA which is passed from a mother to all of her children and from her daughters on to their children, generation after generation. Using the mutations in this DNA we can map out the journey that your maternal ancestors took.

  • maternity_test

    DNA Maternity Test

    Maternity testing will establish if a woman is the biological mother of a child. The test involves the mother and one child. The father is not required to participate.

  • global-match-test

    Global Match Test

    The Global Match Test uses STR genetic markers on your autosomal DNA inherited from both your maternal and paternal lines to map out the peoples and places where your geographical genetic ancestry is most strongly represented.