Africa gives seems like a contradiction in terms with the usual image portrayed of Africa but Africa is changing and the AfricanFoundation for Development (AFFORD UK) has created an initiative that allows Africa to give to the young people of the west. Africa-Gives is the name of  the AFFORD UK initiative, it provides a platform, network and support for the young generation of diaspora Africans; offering guidance on how to capitalise on the growing opportunities in a fast changing continent. It challenges young people to innovate and activate new and effective ways of enhancing how Africans give to Africa. The main goal is to design and build an innovative platform that enables young diaspora Africans, between the ages of 18 to 35, but not exclusively, to mobilise significant resources (money and skills) for development in Africa. Africa is experiencing positive economic growth and social change and the whole world is yet again looking at ways of benefiting from Africa’s wealth. AFFORD believes that it is especially important for young Africans in the diaspora to engage with the fast changing continent and capitalise on the growing opportunities. By deploying technical skills, professional experience, charitable donations and business investments, the diaspora finds practical ways to give to and take from Africa in a manner that fosters ethical progress and sustainable development. AFFORD’s Africa-Gives project challenges young African professionals and leaders, to innovate and activate new and effective ways of enhancing how Africans give to Africa. From September 8-September 20th, 2014, a group of 5 young African diaspora from the United States and United Kingdom completed a volunteering mission to Ghana. During this period the delegation met with civil society organisations, academic institutions, governmental and non-governmental organisations to find tangible ways for diasporans to support their initiatives. Activities in which the delegation participated in included mentorship, panel discussions and a workshop on diaspora-homeland relations and engagement.

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