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2003, 2015

Haïti’s Invisible Noose

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“Build Back Better!” “Build Back Better!” “Build Back Better!” This rather infectious chant became the unofficial campaign slogan for former American president Bill Clinton following the devastating earthquake of 2010. It was created by his Foundation in order to help galvanise the support required to get Haïti back on its feet. […]

2003, 2015

Pak [Easter] et Madan Sara

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It’s been a long, bone-chilling and brutally frigid winter on the east coast of the United States. Thankfully, springtime is quickly approaching and that translates into warmer weather; tantalizingly fragrant and colourful flowers to lift the soul as well as the excitement of the impending arrival of the Easter bunny.

Easter (or Pak as it is […]

1901, 2015


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Africa gives seems like a contradiction in terms with the usual image portrayed of Africa but Africa is changing and the AfricanFoundation for Development (AFFORD UK) has created an initiative that allows Africa to give to the young people of the west. Africa-Gives is the name of  the AFFORD UK initiative, it provides a platform, network and support for the […]

311, 2014

BEFFTA Awards winners Buraka Som Sistema in Heaven

By |November 3rd, 2014|Categories: Osargenews|0 Comments

Buraka Som Sistema, whose finale of a whistlestop European tour was at London’s world famous nightclub ‘Heaven’, won the 2014 BEFFTA for International Entertainment Icons.

The Portuguese five-member group only found out about their nomination as they jetted out of England back to Lisbon.

Andro Carvalho, nicknamed the ‘Conductor’, enthused about winning the international BEFFTA (Black Entertainment […]

1404, 2014

GIBS Business premiers on DSTV

By |April 14th, 2014|Categories: GIBS News|0 Comments

The University of Pretoria’s Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS) recently premiered a new television programme ‘GIBS Business’ on DSTV’s Channel ED, 318.

The programme, which is broadcast weekly on Fridays at 17:45, offers business content from well-known decision-makers, academics and leaders from both South Africa and the African continent. The programme repeats at different time […]

1104, 2014

Lorem Ipsum

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904, 2014

A palavra de N

By |April 9th, 2014|Categories: Uncategorized|0 Comments

“Temos de aniquilar completamente a língua materna de ambos o novo nigger ea nova mula, e instituir uma nova linguagem que envolve o trabalho de ambos a nova vida. Você sabe que a linguagem é uma instituição peculiar. Ele leva para o coração de um povo. ‘I Willie Lynch, Plantation proprietário.

Vinte e seis letras e […]

904, 2014

Neno N

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“Lazima kabisa kuteketeza ulimi mama wa wote nigger mpya na nyumbu mpya, na kuanzisha lugha mpya ambayo inahusisha kazi maisha mapya ya wote wawili. Unajua lugha ni taasisi pekee. Ni inaongoza kwa moyo wa watu . ‘I Willie Lynch, Plantation mmiliki.

Barua ishirini na sita na 52 sauti wanaunda alfabeti ya Kiingereza. Na sifa ya mtu […]

904, 2014

Awọn N oro

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‘ A gbodo patapata annihilate awọn iya ahọn ti awọn mejeeji titun nigger ati awọn titun mule , ki o si Institute titun kan ede ti o je titun ti aye ise ti mejeeji . O mọ ede ni kan ti ao igbekalẹ . O nyorisi si okan ti awon eniyan kan . ‘ I […]

904, 2014

Die N Woord

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“Ons moet heeltemal vernietig die moedertaal van beide die nuwe nigger en die nuwe muile, en stel ‘n nuwe taal wat die nuwe lewe werk van beide. Jy weet taal is ‘n eienaardige instelling. Dit lei tot die hart van ‘n volk wat ek Willie Lynch , plantasie-eienaar . .

Twintig – ses letters en 52 […]