1504, 2015

Sweet Micky for President

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Sweet Micky For President is one of the most unlikely stories ever captured on film. It revolves around the 2011 Haitian presidential elections and the controversial candidacy of the Haitian pop star known as ‘Sweet Micky’ (Michel Martelly), whose bawdy performances include things like diapers and cross-dressing. Underlying the film is the fractious and complex relationship between the […]

1504, 2015

Haïti’s New Deal

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You can’t think about yin, without thinking about yang, nor can you separate apples and oranges. Amongst other popular pairings is this one: Haïti: the poorest country in the western hemisphere – a title you’ll find emblazoned throughout many, if not all, media outlets. I, for one, am sick of hearing it and […]

1504, 2015

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

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The hub of Haïti’s reconstruction is taking place in the country’s capital, Port-au-Prince. However, two hours north of all of the action, out of sight and out of mind, lays a small remote village called Juampas. In this part of the island, newly built sprawling hotels won’t be found especially given that Juampas […]

204, 2015

Bringing Africa Together with One App: Introducing the KPMG African Business Guide

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Driven. Here is a word that defines our founder Morell Maison.

Since the launch of osargenews.com, he has worked tirelessly to develop projects and products that allow the members of the African continent and Diaspora to connect on any device.

Eighteen months ago, he also struck a partnership with professional services company KPMG. The result is the […]

2003, 2015

Haïti’s Invisible Noose

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“Build Back Better!” “Build Back Better!” “Build Back Better!” This rather infectious chant became the unofficial campaign slogan for former American president Bill Clinton following the devastating earthquake of 2010. It was created by his Foundation in order to help galvanise the support required to get Haïti back on its feet. […]

2003, 2015

Pak [Easter] et Madan Sara

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It’s been a long, bone-chilling and brutally frigid winter on the east coast of the United States. Thankfully, springtime is quickly approaching and that translates into warmer weather; tantalizingly fragrant and colourful flowers to lift the soul as well as the excitement of the impending arrival of the Easter bunny.

Easter (or Pak as it is […]

311, 2014

BEFFTA Awards winners Buraka Som Sistema in Heaven

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Buraka Som Sistema, whose finale of a whistlestop European tour was at London’s world famous nightclub ‘Heaven’, won the 2014 BEFFTA for International Entertainment Icons.

The Portuguese five-member group only found out about their nomination as they jetted out of England back to Lisbon.

Andro Carvalho, nicknamed the ‘Conductor’, enthused about winning the international BEFFTA (Black Entertainment […]

510, 2014

Forget Designer Brands, the New Middle Class Are Gifting DNA Tests

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Do you know who you really are and where you came from? No. Really.
Every time I would ask my African Americans friends where they were originally from, they’d always insist ‘America’. Even though I’d question that they most likely had a journey across from the Caribbean or Africa at some stage in their lineage, they’d […]

1109, 2014

New Year Message from the Ethiopian Ambassador UK

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The celebration of a New Year is a special occasion in all countries and
cultures. It fills people with joy and excitement. It generates new hopes
and aspirations. It creates a sense of vitality and elation.

Such feelings recur in Ethiopia every year on the first day of Meskerem,
which falls on 11th September on the Gregorian calendar. This […]

409, 2014

The World is flat!

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For centuries man battled with the concept of whether the world was flat or was round. Brave explorers took to the seas to prove once and for all that the world was indeed round and if you sailed far enough instead of falling helplessly off the edge you would in fact discover a brand new […]