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The Global Match Test uses STR genetic markers on your autosomal DNA inherited from both your maternal and paternal lines to map out the peoples and places where your geographical genetic ancestry is most strongly represented.

A geographical deep ancestry analysis is performed by comparing the raw data from the DNA in your cheek cell swab against the information in our database which includes over 560,000 individuals from 1,200+ populations around the world, including 950+ indigenous populations.

Click any of the below heritage options for details of the populations currently in our database against which your profile can be compared.





South Asian


Native American


Modern Diaspora

East Asian




Middle Eastern

Using this process your best genetic fit amongst actual world populations can be identified and plotted on a map.

Price: £120

Ancestry Tests

  • dnagps

    Ancestry by DNA

    The Ancestry by DNA test determines your bio-geographic origins, giving you your ancestral estimates of the four main population groups: Sub-Saharan African, European, Native American and East Asian.

  • maternal_lineage

    DNA Maternal Lineage Test

    This test uses mitochondrial DNA which is passed from a mother to all of her children and from her daughters on to their children, generation after generation. Using the mutations in this DNA we can map out the journey that your maternal ancestors took.

  • paternal-lineage

    DNA Paternal Lineage Test

    This test uses information carried in the Y-chromosome which is passed from a father to his male children, generation after generation. Using the mutations in this DNA we can map out the journey that your paternal ancestors took.


Combination Packs & Special Offers

DNA GPS & Immigration Tests

  • immigration

    Immigration DNA Test

    This test is now offered in response to the increasing request for DNA testing to show family relations for passport and visa applications. We understand that no two immigration cases are the same and so offer a bespoke service.

Family Relations

  • Grantparentage

    DNA Grandparentage Test

    Grandparent testing will establish if a grandchild and grandparent are related. This is undertaken when the alleged father is unable or unwilling to provide a sample.

  • maternity_test

    DNA Maternity Test

    Maternity testing will establish if a woman is the biological mother of a child. The test involves the mother and one child. The father is not required to participate.

  • paternity_test

    DNA Paternity Test

    Paternity testing will establish if a man is the biological father of a child. The test involves the alleged father, mother (if she wishes to be included) and one child.

  • sibling_test

    DNA Siblingship Test

    Sibling testing will establish if two individuals are related as siblings. The test involves two siblings and one or two mothers where possible.


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