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Burn + Control Coffee

2 boxes (24 sticks per box)

Our “Burn and Control” gourmet instant coffee is rapidly becoming our main product! We have taken the same premium South American Arabica and Robusta coffee beans and added two herbs: Yerba Mate and Garcinia Cambogia. The result has to be experienced to be believed!

If you want youthful energy and the calorie burning effect of an increased metabolic rate plus the added benefit of appetite suppression, you will love our “Burn and Control” gourmet coffee. It is an answer to so many people’s prayers who need more energy and fighting the weight battle!


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Product Description

Yerba Mate is a well-known herb in South America and is as much a social drink as tea and coffee are in the U.S. It has both caffeine and theobromine in it plus many other compounds that have proven to be very beneficial, and is used by millions as a safe stimulant that provides a noticeable, long term, energy boost. It is also reputed to be beneficial against colon cancer and other types of malignant growths.

Garcinia Cambogia is a tree from India and Asia whose family includes the mangosteen. It is an excellent appetite suppressant and is also reputed to help stop the formation of fat. Garcinia is also used as a spice in many countries. Research indicates that the weight loss mechanism is probably because it slows the conversion of carbohydrates to fats and tells our brain our stomach is full and to stop eating. Garcinia has also been used to help stop gastric and duodenal ulcers by reducing the amount of acid in the stomach. Many people also report lower cholesterol levels when consuming this multi-benefit herb.