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DNA Paternal Lineage Test


This test uses information carried in the Y-chromosome which is passed from a father to his male children, generation after generation. Using the mutations in this DNA we can map out the journey that your paternal ancestors took.

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Product Description

We are able to provide paternal lineage testing because the Y-chromosome is passed from a father to his male children, generation after generation. The Y-chromosome is very stable and is inherited with relatively little change over multiple generations. Women do not carry a Y-chromosome so this test is only available to males.

Using this important part of your DNA, your paternal history can be traced back to the first individuals who populated the planet. Scientific evidence suggests this was in Africa over 400,000 years ago.

The modern human was born somewhere in East Africa approximately 175,000 years ago. From this base people began to migrate out of the African continent to settle in other parts of the world. Over time as they started to settle in different geographic areas their DNA took on changes until they had distinct differences and it is these distinct genetic differences that allow us to define which haplogroup you belong to and which place of origin you are associated with.

You will be provided with a sample collection kit. Samples are collected using very simple and painless mouth swabs that are gently rubbed on the inside of the cheek. This method collects loose cells inside the mouth and it is these cells that we test.

The test is run using short tandem repeats (STRs) and it is by looking at these that we can determine to which paternal haplogroup you belong. The designated haplogroup will reveal the geographic origins of your ancestors.

You will receive the following:

  • Your Family’s Ancestral Map – a map showing the journey your ancestors took including where they first settled in the ancient world.
  • Your Haplogroup Designation – confirmation of your haplogroup plus information about it including where peoples with your haplogroup are most commonly found
  • Your Y-STR profile – this profile can be used to search public databases to find your “genetic cousins”.

Delivery duration
15 days from receipt of results. We will ship any product for free.

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