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Immigration DNA Test

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This test is now offered in response to the increasing request for DNA testing to show family relations for passport and visa applications. We understand that no two immigration cases are the same and so offer a bespoke service.

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Product Description

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The requirements for visa and passport applications for family members have become more stringent and it is now common policy for immigration authorities worldwide to request that DNA testing be performed as part of the application process, particularly if key primary documentation is not available or considered inconclusive.

Genetic relationship testing makes it possible to provide categorical proof of biological relationships and as such the results are regarded as critical evidence that the immigration agencies use to make final decisions of approval or denial.

At osargenews.com we understand that no two immigration cases are the same and so offer a bespoke service to individuals and solicitors who need DNA testing services for UK immigration applications. We have many years of experience in this arena working alongside Entry Clearance Officers (ECOs), British embassies and High Commissions, the UK Border Agency and Immigration and Nationality Directorate and as such are happy to provide guidance and assistance to ensure we deliver the best service possible to suit your needs. In line with British immigration authority regulations the osargenews.com laboratory is ISO-17025 certified and accredited by the MOJ as well as the AABB.

Note that any DNA tests provided in support of immigration applications must be conducted in person at a facility specified by the laboratory conducting the test. DNA results from self-swabs will not be accepted.


  • Fully accredited lab approved by Home Office and UK Border Agency
  • Experienced team to provide support and advice
  • Full case management
  • The infrastructure to send kits worldwide and co-ordinate collections
  • Committed to working to very tight deadlines
  • Over 4000 collectors worldwide, covering Asia, Africa, The Middle East and the Far East
  • Previous experience work with Embassies and High Commissions worldwide
  • A UK network of medical professionals who can take samples for your case
  • A London based clinic for quick sample collections

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21 days from receipt of results. We will ship any product for free.

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